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Neil Urch - Housefox Estate Agents in Weston-super-Mare

Having spent the last 30 years selling (literally!) thousands of homes in Weston super Mare and North Somerset, I felt it was time for a change. Not to selling homes – that’s in my lifeblood! But a change to the way homes are sold.

In the age of smartphones, laptops and tablets, running a High Street office is an unnecessary expense that is passed on to vendors.

I have a vision to bring estate agency up-to-date, and make it more accessible, efficient, and customer friendly – with first class service at the heart of everything we do. But harnessing technology to deliver that service, online, at a cost that is fair to all sellers.

But technology only provides some of the solutions. You still need personal experience and expertise to get the very best deal for your client. And people skills to deal with buyers and solicitors to take the stress out of moving house.

Fairer fees

Right up there too on the top of my “to do” list for my clients is offer a fairer fee framework. As much effort can go into selling a £150,000 home as a £1,000,000 home. So why should vendors of more expensive properties pay so much more?

When we decided to create House Fox estate agents, we felt that all sellers should be treated the same and get great value for money. So, we’ve provided a package based on providing an excellent service at a reasonable, transparent, fixed fee… not on how expensive your home was.

The result is unique. The result is a fairer way to sell your home.


A Full Estate Agency Service at Online Prices

We launched House Fox Estate Agents in Weston super Mare in 2018 with a vision to be a different type of estate agency. We wanted to bring the industry up-to-date, accessible, efficient, and customer-friendly with service our main aim. And at a cost that was fair to all sellers. And it wasn’t long before we were spreading our philosophy to the whole of North Somerset.

Neil Urch has been involved in estate agency for over thirty years. He felt the industry needed to change in this technological age of smarthones, lap tops and tablets. Not to mention the way people now search for their next home. Additionally Neil fully understands the stresses of moving house. And if you add online technology together with experience and knowledge, then moving home could be less hassle and more fun.

Cost and service was always on our minds when we decided to create House Fox Estate Agents. We felt that all sellers should be treated the same – and get great value for money. Moreover we believed we would provide a package based on service at a fixed fee, not on how expensive your home is.

The fastest growing estate agent in Weston-super-Mare

While we knew people would like our prices, we work hard to make sure they approve of our services too. We don’t skimp, or cut corners, or charge for photography, signboards, or brochures. And we always accompany viewings. Our approach has made us, in just twelve months, the fastest growing estate agent in Weston super Mare, according to Rightmove’s statistics. And our customers’ response to that service has elevated House Fox to the position of the best rated estate agent in North Somerset on Trustpilot.

See how much you could save with our online savings calculator. Then contact us to set up a free valuation. We look forward to helping you move.