Easy ways to get your home market ready

July 9, 2019

If you’re serious about moving home, you’ll want your current property to sell fast. That’s why it’s important that your home is looking its best as soon as the For Sale sign goes up. But you don’t you need to give your house an extreme makeover. Weston super mare estate agents, Housefox, have some tips to  quickly smarten up your home using the following steps:
1: Get some feedback from friends and family
Ask people you trust to pop over and give you an honest critique of your home. It’s easier for them to spot features that may deter potential buyers as they’ll have a more objective viewpoint. If a few people are pointing out the same issues, then those are the things you need to give priority to fixing.
2: Assess your property’s kerb appeal
Because you spend so little time looking at the outside of your home, it’s easy to overlook it when you’re getting ready to sell. But remember it will be the first thing potential buyers see. Make sure everything looks neat and tidy; get rid of clutter, clean and de-weed the drive, and make sure the doorbell works!
3: Add a splash of paint
Freshly painted walls will instantly make your home look more appealing. Remember not to spend too much money on new paint though – your buyers will probably want to introduce their own colour schemes when they move in.
4: Smarten up your kitchen
A nice kitchen can be a home’s biggest selling point. Even if yours isn’t the most stylish, you can instantly make it look more appealing by clearing worktops of any non-essential appliances and tightening up any loose hinges on kitchen cupboards.
5: Deep clean your bathroom
Damp smells and mouldy mastic can instantly put off potential buyers, so keep things clean!
Once your home is market ready using the above steps, let Housefox estate agents in North Somerset take the hassle out of selling your home. Contact us today to find out more.