Home staging to achieve a faster sale for more money

April 12, 2019

It might surprise you to know that selling a property  requires imagination – and effort. Below we list some simple home staging touches to help potential home buyers imagine the household as if they have already moved in to the property.

Sellers, by and large, don’t place enough stress on staging their homes when they put them on the market. Even if your home is fairly new or recently renovated you need to do this work. There is stiff competition out there and every detail, and touch is important in gaining an advantage to help you sell fast for close to your asking price.

Here are our top home staging tips

Create an attractive entrance that feels great to walk into. Make this space clean, well lit, and welcoming. Paint your front door, give it a new handle, and fix cracks in the path. Paint, or polish up the letterbox or get a new one. Fix or get new house numbers. First impressions are critical.

De-clutter and de-personalise the space. It’s simple advice but this can be a hard step for sellers to do. Once you’ve decided to sell, think of your house or flat as a showroom. Remove personal photos. The more prospective buyers can visualise themselves in the space, the better. It can be hard to imagine living somewhere when there are pictures of strangers smiling down on you.

Don’t carry out any major renovations on your home unless they badly need doing. Re-doing the flooring, kitchen, or bathrooms are large and stressful undertakings, particularly if you are still living in your home while the work is going on. Think rejuvenation, not renovation.

Repaint the walls a neutral, but warm and sophisticated colour, update light fixtures, taps, doorknobs, and sink backsplashes. Neutralising is the key here. Not everyone one will share your particular tastes. If you have a busy lifestyle, engaging a builder or a decorator to prepare your home for sale is money well spent. Reading home styling magazines can give you ideas for small cosmetic improvements and arrangements. Hiring an interior designer or home stager for a couple of hours can pay dividends too.

Ensure all carpets are clean, and repair any old and creaky floorboards. Re-wax or re-stain tired-looking exposed floorboards and keep them swept and clean so that they look the best they possibly can. Try a rug on them, but be discriminating – a rug can make a room look homely, or it could make it look too small.

Clear away any traces of animals around the house. Scratched doors, need to be fixed. Litter boxes, feeding bowls, hairy blankets, and chewed up toys need to go. Not everyone loves animals and they might dismiss the home altogether if they are allergic to pets. Banish bad pet odours by using air-fresheners and lightly-scented candles (you mustn’t make it too obvious that you’re hiding something). It would also be a good idea to hire a heavy-weight carpet cleaner from the local DIY store to make sure that your carpets are thoroughly cleaned.

The kitchen and bathroom are the most important two rooms in any home. Spruce them up. There is no need to change your entire set up. Updating the toilet roll holder and towel rail set is an inexpensive fix, as is a fresh lick of paint. Buy some new towels, but keep them clean and unused. Just put them out for viewings. Remember the de-cluttering and de-personalising rule – put the toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouthwash and other paraphernalia out-of-sight in the cupboard.

Home staging outdoors

Don’t forget about the space outside your home. A survey by Barclays mortgages found that more than a third of property buyers make their decisions purely based on a homes exterior and won’t look inside if they are unimpressed. In fact, 53% said they would buy a property that looked appealing on the outside, even if the inside needed a huge amount of work. So keep the lawn mowed, the borders weeded, and the bushes trimmed. If you’re selling your home in spring or summer, invest in some bedding plants to add a dash of colour.

Tidy up your patio or deck if you are selling during the warmer months. Potential buyers will respond to an attractive and useable outdoor eating or sitting area. Re-stain the deck, if you have one, or jet-wash the patio to make it look at its absolute best. The outdoors need staging too, so create a comfortable space with outdoor furniture. An umbrella and barbecue will be great selling points.

Finally, be eco-conscious when moving. If you’re downsizing, donate un-needed furniture and home fixtures that are in working order to a furniture bank or similar charity. Consider re-facing or repainting old kitchen and bathroom cupboards rather than replacing them. The more you can reuse and repurpose, the better. The idea is to minimise your budget for maximum effect.

You don’t have to turn your home into a model show-house. It’s important that your home is viewer-ready, but it is also crucial that it looks lived in and loved. Use nice touches such as fresh flowers, or a bowl of fruit strategically placed. Leave your doors open to make viewers feel welcome, and most important of all, follow our tips BEFORE inviting an estate agent to take photographs. With more than 90% of home-buyers starting their searches online you may not get on their shortlists if your home is looking less than its potential. Good photography can make or break a sale.

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