Make a house a home in Clevedon

July 15, 2019

Situated in North Somerset, Clevedon is an English town perched on a quaint coastline. As the agents here at Housefox take pride in their in-depth knowledge of North Somerset, here are some reasons why you should consider moving to Clevedon.


Being a seaside town, Clevedon boasts many beautiful attractions. These include, but are not limited to, a variety of picturesque fields, ornamental gardens, a pebbled beach, a Victorian bandstand, and Clevedon Pier. It is also home to Walton Castle and Clevedon Court, both popular tourist destinations.

The properties

Clevedon hosts a fantastic variety of character-filled properties. From 1950s-styled detached bungalows to sizeable modern four-bedroom houses, Clevedon is a town full of architectural diversity. Many properties are also located in popular areas around town, just a stone’s throw away from the popular sights and sounds of this coastal town.


Over the last decade, estate agents have seen a rise in house prices in Clevedon, making it an ideal place for landlords to invest in new properties. Plus, thanks to the town’s increasing popularity, more and more people are moving to Clevedon, resulting in more thriving businesses being set up.


One of the most important aspects of buying or renting a house is its surrounding area and how accessible everything is. After all, you have a life to continue after you move to Clevedon! It’s important to ensure your property is in a good location in comparison to everything else. For Clevedon, this isn’t an issue. There are 36 active bus services, as well as 3 express coach services. Yatton is Clevedon’s nearest train station, making it perfect for commuters heading to Weston-Super-Mare, Bristol, Bath and even into Wales.
Clevedon is a thriving town with a population of around 22,000 people. If you’re interested in finding a property here, then get in touch with us at Housefox! We’d love to help you find a property for sale in Clevedon as it’s one of the places that we love most.[/fusion_text]