Kerb appeal and how to maximise it for spring house sales

March 29, 2021
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Keep lawns trimmed for kerbside appeal

Spring has sprung, the grass has riz… I wonder where the lawnmower is?

Spring is considered one of the top times of year to sell your property. Buyers have recovered fully from a busy Christmas, but haven’t yet started to flock away for their summer holidays. And while selling at other times of the year is increasing in popularity, spring is the very best time to be on the market to attract buyers who want to be in their new homes by summer. 

The good news about spring is that your home will look at its absolute best as your garden comes into bloom. And viewers can take advantage of the lighter evenings to visit your property. They’ll also have more time for viewings in the spring bank holidays. So once you’ve got the interior of your home all ready to sell, you need to think about maximising your ‘kerb appeal’ – after all, first impressions really do count!

Below are just a few of the quick and simple things you can do to get those buyers hooked before they’ve even stepped over the threshold.

It starts in the garden

Spring is the perfect time of year to tackle the front garden. Everything is bursting into life and there are some glorious spring flowers just starting to bloom. The first thing to do is dig out the lawnmower and give the grass a good trim. Be sure to do the edges too. If you don’t have a lawn, then try to add some greenery. However small the space is, a couple of planters or hanging baskets overflowing with spring bedding plants such as pansies or primroses will give your front garden some instant kerb appeal. And even better, bedding plants are cheap and widely available from most DIY stores and large supermarkets. So pick some up with your weekly shop.
The path or driveway to your front door should be swept of leaves, and free from rubbish. If you have paving slabs, make sure they are fixed firmly and not broken, and deal with any weeds that have taken root in the cracks. Porches can be a really useful space and add interest to the front of your house, but if you do have one, make sure it hasn’t become a dumping ground for clutter, and clear out any mountains of muddy wellies and abandoned scooters. 

Making a grand entrance

Paint your front door. It sounds simple but this is the first thing that people are going to look at. If the paint is dirty or peeling, potential buyers will take it as a sure sign that you haven’t bothered to look after the rest of the house either. If you’re about to sell, this probably isn’t the right time to experiment with colour and paint your door the shocking pink you’ve always dreamed of. Instead keep it simple and opt for something in keeping with both the age and style of the property and the other houses in the street. According to Houzz, the most popular front door colours are currently black, white, grey, wood, blue, red and yellow. So these are good choices to consider.
Invest in quality door furniture. Again, broken or shabby door knockers and letterboxes aren’t going to create the best impression of what lies on the other side of your front door. So for great kerb appeal make sure these are polished up and looking their best. If you need to replace any door furniture, choose fixtures that are in keeping with your property; heavy Victorian style door knockers and letter boxes will look out of place on a modern house. If you do have a period property though, it might be worth having a look around your local reclamation yard or even on eBay to get the right look. And if your front door boast your house number, make sure that is well maintained and easy to read from the road – you don’t want your potential buyers to be unable to even find your house!

Broken or shabby door knockers and letterboxes aren’t going to create the best impression of what lies on the other side of your front door, so make sure these are polished up and looking their best.

Light up for extra kerb appeal

Good lighting is important at this time of the year. Evenings can still be a little dark and the weather can still turn cold at times. A warm glow by the front door and well-lit pathways can make the approach to your front door much more welcoming. If you already have lights outside your home, make sure all the bulbs are working and that the light fittings are cobweb free.
Try to hide your rubbish bins so that they’re not on show as people walk up to your front door. If you have to have them on show, make sure they are clean and the lids are on to stop rubbish blowing out of the box – nothing will be more off-putting to buyers than having to wade through other people’s old crisp packets and loo roll tubes on their way up the path.

Be utterly gutter conscious

Make sure gutters and drains are in good repair and are working properly. A blocked gutter or downpipe not only means your buyers might have to wade through a small stream to get into the house. It also raises real concerns about whether water from overflowing gutters is actually getting in under the eaves. People are very nervous about water damage and damp – and quite rightly too!
Once you’ve maximised your kerb appeal and your home is looking its absolute best, don’t forget to keep it that way while the property is on the market. Plenty of buyers carry out an informal ‘drive-by’ visit, and as these can occur at any stage, keep that grass looking freshly cut and the path swept. And who knows, you might find even discover a passion for gardening you didn’t realise you had!

Thinking of selling your home this spring?

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