Property for sale in Portishead | Top tips on how to make it a success

September 18, 2019

If you have property for sale in Portishead, you will want to complete the process quickly while getting the best price you can. However, for some Portishead residents, this can sometimes seem easier said than done. The good news though is that it does not have to be this way. If you approach selling property in Portishead correctly, you should be able to find a buyer with relatively little fuss.
If you have houses for sale in Portishead and need a helping hand, the below tips should do the trick.

Get the property in good order

The old saying about first impressions counting is very true when it comes to selling houses. Potential buyers will often make a snap judgement on whether they are interested based on their initial reaction. This starts from the moment they pull up outside, so make sure the front garden is tidy and the façade of the property is in good repair. Of course, you should also ensure the inside of your property is in good condition as well. Before you put your home up for sale make sure to inspect it thoroughly and fix any issues like peeling paintwork that you spot.

Think carefully about your asking price

One major factor in how quickly you may sell your home in Portishead is the price you ask for it. This is always tricky as you want to get the most you can without it putting buyers off. The best bet is to look at what similar properties in your area sold for recently and price up as appropriate.

Make sure to present it well

Once the property itself is good to go, you need to think about how to dress it. This is easier if you do not live in the house as family life will not disturb it once set-up. If you are selling the home you live in still, it is a case of dressing it as you wish and then tidying up if needed prior to any viewings. Although putting some personality into the property is advised and hard to avoid while still there, try to not go overboard as this could scare buyers off.

Choosing the right estate agent in North Somerset is key

Of course, one very important thing is selecting the right agent to sell your property with. This can make a huge difference in how many viewings you get and how fast you find a buyer. At Housefox, we combine the low-cost fees of online agencies with the full-service levels of a traditional one. From houses in Weston Super Mare to properties in Portishead, we have helped many people sell their home. If you are looking for an estate agent Weston Super Mare residents will love or one that people in Portishead or Clevedon can rely on, give us a call.