Sell my home: The complete viewing day checklist

July 15, 2019

When it comes to viewing a new home, first impressions matter. According to research, people in South West England, on average, take just 26 minutes to reach a decision on whether to buy their new home, or not. Nearly a quarter (24%) of home owners surveyed said they knew the property was right for them in 10 minutes or less.

So you can see how important it is to make sure that your home should be ship-shape inside and out. We’ve already discussed in recent articles kerb appeal , and home staging. Here we provide a handy viewing day checklist of tasks to help you make your home view-ready.

Outside the home before viewing day

– Keep the grass freshly cut, the borders weeded and bushes trimmed.
– Remove any stray items, such as empty plant pots or children’s toys.
– Inspect the fences, make sure they are in good order.
– Weed paths.
– Paint the front door if wooden, or wash uPVC doors. Polish up letterboxes and house numbers.
– Check if the windows need a fresh coat of paint.
– Clean windows inside and out.
– Wash any dirt or moss from the brickwork.
– Ensure gutters and downspouts are secure.

Inside the home before viewing day

– De-clutter as much as possible.
– Put anything you don’t need in storage, or store it with family members.
– Give the walls a fresh coat of paint.
– Tighten and clean all door handles and wash any marks from the doors.
– Check sealant and grouting for mould – re-grout if necessary.
– Use rugs to warm up a room.
– Fix any floorboards that creak.
– Do any simple DIY jobs that need doing.
– Tidy cupboards and remove unnecessary items.

On viewing day

– Clear away bathroom clutter, put away shampoo bottles and toothpaste etc.
– Put out fresh, folded towels.
– Polish the shower and sink fittings.
– Clean the toilet bowl.
– Give the oven a deep clean.
– Make sure the sink is clean and the draining area completely clear.
– Remove any sign of pets. If possible ask a family member to have your pets for on viewing days, or take them out for a walk during viewings.
– Similarly, small children can be distracting, so ask a friend to babysit them in their homes while people are looking around your home.
– Vacuum the carpets, dust surfaces (don’t forget the skirting boards) and wash tiled floors.
– Leave the doors open for a sense of spaciousness.
– Open windows open to allow airflow.
– Switch on lights to add warmth and light.
– Let the light in – open all curtains and blinds.
– Make sure every room is at a comfortable temperature.
– Place flowers on dining room table.
– Use air fresheners or reed diffusers.

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