Should I use an online or a high street estate agent?

July 15, 2019

The type of estate agent that you choose is an important decision when it comes to selling or buying property. If you opt for an online estate agent, you may pay lower fees, but a high street estate agent may have invaluable knowledge. Here are some aspects to consider when trying to choose between the two.

Cost of using an estate agent in Weston-Super-Mare

The increase in use and reliance on technology has led to a steady decline in the number of estate agents with high street offices. Using an online estate agent appeals to many in part because it is a lower cost option thanks to not wasting money on costly office space, which means the client can save money on the cost of selling or buying their house.

Knowledge of the area

However, when opting for an online estate agent, many are put off by the perceived lack of expertise. High street estate agents are considered to have more comprehensive knowledge of the location, its properties and amenities, especially if they have a longstanding history of operation in the area. But it should also be considered that many online estate agents may specialise in one location and have gained substantial experience in the field before they moved online.

Time spent

Managing the process of either buying or selling a house is also extremely time-consuming with visits to the office to go over details and arrange viewings. While many prefer this face-to-face contact, it’s worth considering that online-only estate agents may save you time by not having to make lengthy trips to their offices, instead conducting more communication over the phone or via email.

The best of both worlds

Today, there are more options for getting the best of both worlds with online estate agents that offer a high-street service. Since we were founded in 2018, House Fox strives to be a different kind of estate agency, which puts the customer and their finances first. Thanks to our director’s thirty years’ experience in traditional estate agency services, we believe that customers benefit from first-hand contact with an estate agent, but we understand the frustrations of being charged higher fees for doing so. That’s why we came up with a fairer-fee solution which makes buying a home much more accessible. Our services cover property in North Somerset and the surrounding area, so contact us to find out more about how we can advise and assist you.