Selling homes quickly with professional photography

It’s a cliché, but a picture really does say a thousand words. Especially when selling property. More than 90% of buyers start their search for a new home online. And the first thing they are going to see of a property is the photography. You’ll want those property images to look good. You’ll want them to stand out. You’ll want them to “pop”. Because after all, to quote, first impressions count.

That’s enough truisms for one day, but those simple facts are the reason that House Fox employs specialist property photographer Simon James to take amazing pictures of all the homes that we sell.

Buyers spend 60% of their time online looking at the photographs of property for sale. Professionally taken pictures are viewed more than twice the number of times than those taken by estate agents who do not employ a professional photographer.

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Understanding home buyers

People want to visualise their next home, before they read about it. And emotions play a pivotal role in a buyer’s decisions. A potential buyer must be able to imagine themselves living and relaxing in the home photos they are looking at. If they can do that, and they like what they see, buyers will want to arrange a viewing. In fact, in a recent survey, 83% of buyers said that they made the decision to view, or not to view, based solely on the photographs.

And the more viewings, it goes without saying, the faster a home is likely to be sold.

Does professional photography make that much difference?

The short answer is yes it does. Standing out on Zoopla or Rightmove is hard. Trust us, as a professional and established estate agents, we’ve marketed hundreds of home properties. And we’ve learned that the one sure-fire way to get people interested is through professionally taken images.

The statistics bear this out. Just take a look at these facts:

  • Homes listed with professional photography sell 32% FASTER on average than those without
  • Homes with professional photography get 61% MORE VIEWS online
  • Homes professionally photographed sell for 43% NEARER the asking price


Think about it. A professional photographer knows lighting. They know how to make your home look brighter, bigger and more inviting. In addition, they know how to “post-process” an image to enhance it and bring out the features in the shot. Which comes in handy on those grey days when the weather isn’t playing ball and providing interesting light. Which in the UK is more often than not!

Think about the alternative. An unpractised estate agent wandering around taking snaps on, at best a compact camera, or in the worse case scenario, on their phone. The results are often not straight, invariably badly lit and may include unwanted details such as an unmade bed, or things that frankly you wouldn’t want the world and his partner to see!

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At House Fox, professional photography is included in the price

Because good photography is so effective in selling homes we decided that all our listings should be photographed with the care and precision that only an expert property photographer could supply. And because it’s our job to sell homes as quickly and as smoothly as possible we don’t see why the service should come at an additional cost to the seller.

Normally outsourced property photography would cost around £350.
But at House Fox it’s all part of the service in marketing and selling your home and property.

Meet Simon James, House Fox’s resident professional property photographer

Already a successful wedding and portrait photographer of 10 years standing, Simon began his service for professional property photography in 2017. Driven by his passion for architecture he has a developed the skill for capturing engaging and evocative images of both home interiors and exteriors.

Since 2019 he has supplied House Fox with stunning imagery for all our properties, helping us become one of the fastest-selling local estate agents in Somerset through his skill and professionalism.

Simon says: ”Professional photography isn’t just about getting the pictures straight and in focus. Professional photography is about capturing the character of a home. I particularly enjoy spotting the interesting, inviting details in a home, and photographing them to bring out a property’s unique appeal.”

Simon also shoots and edits all of our captivating property video tours.

We only work with the best Photographers